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Petit Jardin Bio


The Spectacle of Mother Nature, perfect symphony of colors, fragrances and shapes, and its enormous potential fitotherapy are represented by the “small garden” Petit Jardin created for you.

Love, respect, research and quality are the pillars of our line:
* Based on natural extracts
*Certified by A.I.A.B. (Italian Organic Farming Association)
* Made in Italy
   •Suitable for all skin types
* Suitable for all ages
* Not tested on animals
   •Dermatologically tested

Bellezza Bio Organic Beauty


This concept is based on natural and organic active ingredients (Aloe Vera, pomegranate, wheat germ oil, extra virgin olive oil, and more) for Anti-aging and soothing properties, made up of 17 additional products for body, face and hair.

All formulations contain ingredients coming from certified Organic Farming that fully respect our clients, the environment and animals.

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The travel kit offers the possibility to choose with confidence, which product is right for you, putting you at your disposal 13 cosmetic products in a travel size version.

You have the chance to try our beauty products with an elegant pouch as a gift to carry them with you.

Try them directly on your skin, you can continue your beauty routine during trave.

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Petit Jardin Travel Kit graphic 3

Inside the Travel kit, you’ll discover a pleasant surprise: 8 face products and 5 body products, presented in a stylish containers. You’ re invited to try the velvety texture and fresh fragrances that will accompany wherever you go.

A sensory experience and well–being are made specifically for your beauty from a specialized cosmetic biologist


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